The Journey Begins… Again

Hello Friends,

As you all know I have been out of the blogging world for quite sometime. A lot has happened to us here on the homestead, so I have decided to maybe do a bit of therapeutic writing again as it was something I really enjoyed doing.


As you will see in future posts, I have not done anything homestead, garden, orchard related in over a year. Mainly for reasons which if you know me, then you already know why that is.

Now it is 2018, my thumb is green and I have been itching to get back outside and get my hands in the dirt. You all know that having your hands in the dirt works as an antidepressant right? well if you don’t then check out this article by Medical News Today: Soil Bacteria work in similar way to anti-depressant

So I do not know how often, when, or what I will write about when I do choose to write, but of course I would always love to hear your input on any matter I do write about.

So I hope you will join me ramblings as I am just a simple man trying to make my way in this world.

Until Next Time.

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