Planting Season.. and it begins.

Plum Tree in Bloom

Well it is that wonderful time of the year when the lifeless, the dormant, the colorless begin to shed their wintery blight and spread color to and fro! It is like Mother Nature pulls out her paint palette and everything around us is her canvas.

I for one am looking forward to seeing some color. I love this time of year; now do not get me wrong I do like winter because it means I get to take a break from working outside but.. well you get the idea.

I’m late, I’m late for a very important date – The White Rabbit

Have you ever noticed that it seems as soon as the time is here to do something no matter how much you have been preparing to do it; once it is here…you’re already behind in doing it?

Well that is the story of my life, constantly playing catch-up but always enjoying the ride.

With that being said:

Planting has begun

Raised Onion Bed and In-Ground Potato Bed.

I just finally got two of my new beds protected and moved outside. Just in time to get the onions sets planted.

Additionally I have gotten my potato beds weeded, shaped and planted. I have doubled the size of the potato bed from what I had previously.

In the 2nd bed, I have my radishes going…YAY!!!

Getting other projects done

As you all know there is always something to be done on the homestead, you never really get any time off. Well I did take all of last year off from the homestead but that is for another day.

Project, projects, projects… you know they need to be done but you fit them in when you can.


These are my Adirondack Chairs that i bought several years ago, now i was supposed to coat them with 50/50 boiled linseed oil and turpentine but as with a lot of projects they always get pushed to the way side. so the chairs do have some needless aging on them but they still look good.


I also go some early bird flowers planted, hopefully they will take off like they used to… been a while since I have planted anything in this bed so I am looking forward to some color coming out of here.

Well enough of my dribble… There is work to be done… and life to live.

Until next time.

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