A Father’s Inspiration

Craig Floyd – Farm Manager for Coogan Farm and My Dad-in-Law

The first year I met this man I found out why my husband was the way he was and where he got his drive and passion.

I remember this day quite well. Mr. Floyd had given us a tour in Stonington, Connecticut at his place of business Coogan Farm.

At this time when we took a tour of things everything was just being planted and he discussed his future plans on the place. I myself just learned how to grow tomatoes so everything was so overwhelming. That day as he discussed the soil, crops, dirt, composting, and all this kind of stuff (stuff you know where someone is explaining something and you don’t want to seem dumb so you nod your head) that kinda stuff.

This man knew stuff I could not even imagine existed in growing just a darn vegetable. That day I will never forget because I became passionate about my little tomato I grow now. I care for it like it’s my own child and give it what it needs.

A little history on Craig Floyd was that he worked with his grandfather on the original farm as a boy. During this time he hayed the fields and milked the cows. In 2000 he and his wife opened up Footsteps Farm to be able to be successful so that the farm could stay in the family when he passes on. “Craig stated that farming is a lot of work and takes a family to do it right, sometimes you have to work on the farm And on the farm too even make it work”.

Today Craig is now a farm manager at the Coogan Farm Nature and Heritage Center where his job duties consist of clearing brush to fixing stone walls, but what I found so intriguing about him is that he dedicates his time in helping a nonprofit organization’s Giving Garden. All their produce that they grow from the farm is donated to the Gemma E. Moan United Way/Labor Food Center which helps feed people in parts of Connecticut.

“He stated that because of what they are doing in the garden, he has been able to help change those statics with people who go hungry. “ That is one of the most important things I’ve ever done in my life. I’m, helping save lives”

Craig loves sharing his knowledge in hopes to improve others’ lives. He strives to always learn to preserve the past and benefit the future generations. This man gives 100% to everything he does. I am happy to have met this man and call him Dad.

This Article was originally written by Tana Mason and re-posted in memory of her. 

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