The Art Work of Pulling Weeds

We all spend some time pulling weeds in our garden or flower beds. Imagine your favorite brightest flower, now picture it in your mind and how it makes you feel; if you don’t weed your garden than all kinds of unwelcome weeds will come up and almost take over your favorite flower. Now that beautiful flower that you have become fond of will become choked out, underfed and eventually die.

Most of us like to focus on the exciting parts of gardening which is planting and harvesting because that’s the part that brings us joy. We as individuals get excited as we watch our seeds flourish and sprout into something beautiful, but in reality we are putting all our effort mainly to keep our crop alive and nourished by not having weeds all around them.

The hot summer blistering days where you have no choice than to get out there and spend your day pulling weeds seems dismal. We all need to recognize that in anything we do there are positives and negatives and the negatives about growing a garden are the weeds.

Let’s look at the art work of pulling weeds a little differently in our lives.

  1. There can be a sense of accomplishment from all the chaos around us. Even pulling weeds can help us find a bit of serenity. Set aside a time during the day where you can get some therapeutic time.
  2. Generally pull weeds after the rain or in the rain. These pesky things come out like butter when the ground is wet.
  3. Here is my favorite pull weeds with your spouse or partner. Believe it or not you can be in a heated argument but just sitting there pulling weeds can bring out the negative energy and make it a good experience ( oh except in the 100 degree weather that’s another story).

When you’re pulling weeds, watering, or spreading mulch what are you thinking about? Personally, I am not thinking of anything other than how my plants are doing; what I need to give them; and how much I enjoy growing them.  Even though weeds are negative they sure can bring us some positive things in the garden spiritual wise such as stress relief, better mental health, and exercise.

So even though I hate to say it, we may need weeds and besides it is cheaper than paying a therapist.

This Article was originally written by Tana Mason and re-posted in memory of her. 

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