Our New Homestead Garden

It has always been my dream since I started this little homestead in Oklahoma to have a large thriving garden that could sustain my family all year, along with having extras to barter with for fish & beef.

When we purchased the property we already had 1/2 an acre fenced off so that is the section I decided to use. So I started to build raised beds and was picturing the whole area covered with them, but as the builds went on the way that I was doing things just wasn’t economical nor feesable for me to do on my own.

Back in Oct 2019, my father came out for a visit to build a chicken run with me. During his visit we went over a lot about the garden, about regenerative agriculture, folliar feedings and more. Well his visit helped re-ignite the passion inside of me that went dim after Tana passed away.

So this year I started working and planning. I also asked for some help from some great friends, James, Robbie & Allie we have been able to begin the garden of my dreams. In such a short amount of time, we have been able to accomplish so much.

Here is the progression:

Day 1: This is what the field has looked like for the most part since 2013. Job #1 remove all of the tree stumps.

Day 1: Initial  Disking with a bobcat.

Day 1: Now tilling with a tractor.

Week 5: Slowly but surely building the rows.

Week 7: I had originally told my father when he shared the Facebook post that it was 30 days from the start but now that I am looking at the actually dates… I have been on this garden project for 7 weeks now. The only heavy machinery used was the initial disking & tilling. All of the beds shown below were mounded with a shovel and my back.  I have also planted each row as I finished them.

Week 7:  And finally I have have 1/4 of the space available completed. I have much much more I want to do. I still need to finished the progression of rows down to the east fence line; (approximately 4 more 50′ rows) then next year I want to do the other half. (6 98′ corn rows and 4 98′ grape rows).

So a lot of hard work has gone into it, this garden is shaping up nicely and my garden dream is coming true!

I hope you have enjoyed, remember to never forget to continue to keep working on your dreams.

Until Next Time.

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