Growing Fodder for your Livestock
Fodder is nutrient-dense grains used to supplement the feed for your animals
Recipe type: Animal Feed
  • 1 – Large bucket (I use a 5-gallon pail)
  • 2 – large trays (Here are the ones I use: Growing Trays)
  • 3 – furring strips (you do not need to buy the wood this is just something to use to keep the two tray separate.)
  • Water
  • Optional – Storage rack (here is what I use: Shelving Unit) but this is not necessary
  1. Combine your seeds (if you are using different kinds) and pour into your large bucket
  2. Fill the bucket with water till it is approximately two inches above the seeds overnight
  3. Take one tray and drill a bunch of drain holes.
  4. After the seeds have soaked, drain the water and place in the tray that you have drilled your holes in. Make sure that you spread the seeds out. Your seeds should never exceed ½ in-depth, or you will risk mold. Air circulation is key.
  5. Place the tray with the seeds into the 2nd tray on-top of the furring strips.
  6. Water the seeds 2 to 3 times a day. Make sure that you are emptying the 2nd tray of water as needed.
  7. Repeat the watering for approximately 7 to 10 days. Ideally, you want about six inches of growth before you harvest.
  8. Harvest! You should have a good matt of fodder that you can pull out of your tray. You can cut this into pieces or feed as a whole.
  9. Remember to wash and sanitize your trays periodically to help prevent mold.
Recipe by Floyd Family Homestead at